➤ Batch Tuition Calculation Process
➤ Billing and Generate Invoice Process
➤ Calculate Individual and Batch Application Fee
➤ Closing Process
➤ Collection of Loan Payment
➤ Criteria Configuration
➤ Granting of Loan
➤ Individual Tuition Calculation Process
➤ Non Assessment Fees Configuration
➤ Open Cashier Process
➤ Payment of Assessment Charges
➤ Payment of Non-Assessment Charges
➤ Posting and Reversing Non Assessment Payments
➤ Posting Refunds
➤ Refund Process of Dissolved Classes
➤ Print Invoice Process
➤ Setting Up Course Lab Fees
➤ Socialized Tuition (ST) Individual Processing
➤ Socialized Tuition Batch Processing
➤ Tender Keys
➤ Term Fees
➤ Term Set Up
➤ Third Party Contract Configuration
➤ Valid Cashiers
➤ View Customer or Corporate Accounts
➤ Voiding Receipts Configuration






The UP System now provides free accounts to students, faculty, and staff for use of Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 offers users services which include online access to Office applications and mobile applications for Android and iOS. Microsoft Office 365 also includes:
  • access to other productivity services enabled over the internet (cloud services), including:
    • Lync web conferencing
    • Exchange Online hosted email for business
    • Additional online storage with OneDrive and Skype.
365 Features available for UP are:
  • Exchange Online allows the user to work anywhere with hosted email for business
  • Users are also given an in-place archive to keep important data in one place
  • Access to email, calendar, and contacts on all major browsers and across devices
  • Mobile Device Management allows the user management of his/her mobile devices like Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, and tablet
  • Sharepoint Online feature allows users to collaborate with colleagues, as they can access internal sites, documents, and other information from school, at home, or from a mobile device
Other benefits include:
  • Security: Emails and other documents put in the cloud will prevent loss due to unforeseen circumstances, like power outages, floods, fires, etc.
  • Accessibility: No VPN is required. A user can connect from anywhere, and can delete data even remotely.
  • Syncing: Email, calendar, and contacts all work together seamlessly. Example: If the user updates his/her contacts on a mobile phone, it will automatically be updated across the user’s other devices. Users can also access 365 on his/her Android or iPhone, tablet, and PC
  • Storage: A 50 GB mailbox storage is given per account
  • No Microsoft licensing upgrades, since Office 365 already includes all licensing
You can get your account by opening a request ticket at the ICT Support Page ( using your UP Mail ( Access credentials will be sent to that email after the request has been processed.