Webinars for UP Staff

To help strengthen the Work-From-Home (WFH) capabilities of the UP staff,  a series of training webinars will be offered via Zoom. This is the 3rd batch of training webinars offered to UP staff by the Office of the Vice President for Development - Information Technology Development Center (OVPD-ITDC).

Below, you will find the details of the training webinars offered by OVPD-ITDC:

A. Webinar Descriptions

Basic Home Network Troubleshooting
This webinar covers the basics of testing and troubleshooting networks at home. It will guide the participants in identifying and locating problems, and will also give helpful tips on how to handle such issues.
Basic Information Security
In this webinar, participants receive instructions on the basic concepts of information security, some threats and how to deal with them, and best practices to avoid compromising information.
Exploring UP’s Online Communication Channels
This Webinar focuses on the various online communications platforms for written, spoken, and video-based communications and including Social Media-based and Collaborative communications using Zoom, Office 365, and Google Apps.
Google Suite for Education for Work Office Productivity and Collaboration Tools
This webinar teaches the basics of Google’s suite of applications for G Suite users. It covers fundamental skills in using the software tools including Office Productivity Tools (Docs, Sheets, Presentations), Document Management, and Communication Tools.
Google Classroom
UP Faculty will be taught how to use the Classroom app in G Suite. By the end of this webinar, participants should be able to set up and facilitate online learning for their own classes, through the use of the alternative media, office productivity, and collaboration apps offered by G Suite.
Office 365 Productivity and Collaboration Tools
Participants will be taught how to use the Office Productivity Suite (such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and Collaboration/Communication Tools (Calendar, Outlook, Delve, OneDrive, OneNote, SharePoint, Dynamics 365) in Office 365. This Webinar will also feature some business cases to make use of these tools.
Office 365 Classroom
UP Faculty will be taught how to use Microsoft Teams Classroom in Office 365. By the end of this webinar, participants should be able to set up and facilitate online learning for their own classes, through the use of the alternative media, office productivity and collaboration apps offered by Office 365.
Privacy Tips and Awareness
This short webinar will give an awareness on digital privacy and tips on how to maintain your privacy online and offline.
Tech Tips while on Remote Work
This short webinar will focus on best practices that can be applied for those who are currently adjusting to a Work From Home scenario.
Tips on Video Conferencing
This webinar intends to provide a helpful guide, some dos and don'ts, and the necessary tools in conducting video conferences for meetings, presenting in online classes, and broadcasting your lectures.
UIS: FMIS and SPCMIS Overview
In this webinar, participants will have a better understanding of the different FMIS and SPCMIS modules, their integration points, functions and reportorial capabilities. The prerequisites for utilising the modules will also be discussed and communication channels available for end user support will also be provided.
UIS: HRIS Overview and UP Employee Self Service
This webinar covers the overview of HRIS that automates the HR processes and submissions. It will also discuss the requirements for accessing UIS and the available modules, as well as the features that can be used by all employees in the UP Employee Self Service.
UIS: SAIS Overview
This webinar will tackle the overview of the available SAIS modules and features, as well as the requirements for accessing SAIS.
UP Document Tracking System (DTS)
The Document Tracking System (DTS) is an online service that tracks documents across the UP System, including the originating and receiving office/personnel, and the time elapsed between offices/units/departments. This webinar aims to instruct participants on using the DTS.
UIS: FMIS Disbursement Voucher Preparation
This webinar covers the prerequisites, different types of disbursements, the process of preparing disbursement vouchers as well as monitoring the status of submitted transactions.
UIS: HRIS Employee Self-Service Approval
This Webinar covers the approval actions and techniques to submitted Self Service transactions (eg. Certificate of Service, Limited Practice of Profession, etc.). Its intended audience are HRDO, Supervisors, Faculty- Administrators, and other staff who verify/approve online transactions.
Tech Tips on using Social Media for your next Remote Classroom Activity
This webinar will make use of Social Media in an educational setting. The usage of Hash Tags, User Groups, and Community-based sites for classroom activity or project. This also includes the ethics, the proper way, and right conduct in Social Media-based classroom activities.
Digital Citizenship
This webinar will give an awareness on fundamental digital citizenship skills that people need in order to participate and do smart choices online and offline. This will cover quick discussions about media balance, well-being, privacy, security, digital identity, communication, cyberbullying, hate speech, and media literacy.
The Psychology of Passwords
This webinar will give an awareness on recent studies or reports about the behavior of people when it comes to password management as well as safe password creation and usage practices.
Private and Secure Communication Apps, Websites, and Practices
This webinar will give basic awareness on apps and websites that are secure and privacy-first as better alternatives to Viber, Facebook, Instagram, etc. that can be used for communication, information dissemination, and publicity.

B. Webinar Schedule

Please NOTE that you need to use your personal UP mail account (not an office UP mail account) to register and join any of the online training sessions.

When you register, you will be asked to sign into your UP mail account. Please sign in using your UP mail account.

Date Time Webinar (Click the Title to Register)
August 17 (Monday) 8:00-9:00 AM Private and Secure Communication Apps, Websites, and Practices

C. Requirements for Attending a Webinar

For those interested in attending the training sessions, your UP Mail account will be required. Take note of the following reminders:

  • Use your UP Mail to access the Zoom webinars.

  • You can download the Zoom app here: zoom.us/download

  • You can access Zoom for UP by following these steps: How to Login to Zoom

  • To test your computer or device, please visit: https://zoom.us/test

  • For the Google Apps training, use the G Suite of your UP Mail account.

  • For the Document Tracking System online training, it is advised that your UP Mail be registered to the DTS.

  • For the Microsoft Office 365 training, it is advised to have an Office 365 account, which is also linked with your UP Mail.

  • Certificates of attendance will be available after the training sessions, thus participants MUST use their personal UP mail account (not an office UP mail account) to register for the webinars.

Please TAKE NOTE that you need to register so you can attend any of the webinars.

Upon confirmation of your registration by the training team, you will RECEIVE an EMAIL containing instructions on how to attend the webinars. To register, please refer to Section B above.

D. Technical Support

For questions regarding your UP Mail account and other concerns, please go through our FAQs: https://itdc.up.edu.ph/faqs

Should you have any questions or concerns on the Webinar offerings, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

E. Evaluation

We would like to kindly request for you to fill out this evaluation form after you have attended the webinars: Evaluation Form for UP Staff Webinars

Your feedback would be very much appreciated and would help us improve our future online training sessions.

Thank you very much for your interest in our webinars.

F. Webinar Recordings

You may find the recordings of the webinars here, for your perusal.