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What is UP DRS?

The UP Document Routing System (DRS) is an online service that can be used by UP faculty and staff to track documents across the UP System. It tracks documents by setting a tracking number for each document, and by creating a document trail which starts from the originating office followed by the offices which it has been passed or routed to.

Who are allowed to use DRS?

DRS can be used by faculty and staff of UP offices whose @up.edu.ph accounts are registered in the system.

Our UP office would like to use DRS. How can we have our faculty and staff registered in the system?

We would need a signed official request or endorsement letter from the head of the unit or director of the office to process registration in the Document Routing System (DRS).

In the request, please include the name/s and UP Mail account/s (@up.edu.ph) of the user/s that should be given access to the DRS. Kindly address the request to the UP ITDC Director.

The concerned staff/personnel must also have access to the said email account/s.

The signed endorsement letter may be emailed directly to [email protected].

There will be no need to send a hard copy to our office.

Once we start using DRS, can we just upload the documents in the system and not send the actual documents to their corresponding UP offices?

In view of the current pandemic considerations, users can route official documents via DRS, and there will be no need to physically send hardcopies of said documents to the offices. However, there are certain documents that are still required to be routed physically (i.e. as hardcopies). In this instance, DRS is used to track the location and status of these hardcopy documents.

It is recommended that inquiry be made with concerned offices if hardcopy documents are still needed to be routed alongside with the softcopy you have uploaded in the DRS. Both cases (hardcopy or softcopy transmittals) can be tracked using DRS.

Do we need to use barcode scanners to scan the tracking numbers on the documents?

You may use barcode scanners for a more convenient way of scanning tracking numbers on documents but they are not required for tracking a document in the system.

What will happen to the existing Document Tracking System) DTS account? Will the existing DTS accounts be converted automatically to the new DRS?

The DTS accounts and access will be retained, and automatically incorporated with DRS.

What will happen to the existing Tracking Numbers that have already been generated by our office/unit? Can these still be used for DRS, or will new numbers need to be generated?

The tracking numbers that have already been generated by an office/unit will be retained for use in the DRS. All documents will also be retained.

If a document has already been uploaded and assigned with a tracking number and the document needs to be edited, can the revised version of said document be uploaded under the SAME tracking number?

Once a document has been uploaded and finalized, the user who uploaded this document can no longer change the details (e.g., title, document type, etc.). The other offices that will receive said document have the option to attach or upload another version of the digital copy of the document, when they release said document.

Which account should be used for the DRS, the personal UP Mail or the office UP Mail?

It is strongly recommended that the personal UP Mail account be used for the DRS, for accountability purposes, since all processing done for the document will be tagged to that specific account/user.
Kindly also be advised that a staff member’s personal UP Mail should be registered under only one (1) office. It should not be registered under multiple offices.

I’m a UP employee and I need to track a document that concerns me, how can I track said document?

You can use the DRS Tracer to trace or track your documents being processed in our DRS, even if you are not registered in the DRS itself. The requirements for accessing the DRS Tracer are: 1) UP Mail Account (for authentication); and 2) the DRS Tracking Number of the document you want to track. You can access the DRS Tracer at https://drstracer.up.edu.ph. To help you in using the DRS Tracer, you may refer to the steps here: Document Routing System (DRS) Tracer User Guide

To learn how to use the DRS to add, receive, track, and tag as terminal your documents, please see this user guide:
Document Routing System (DRS) User Guide

To assist you in filtering the DRS email notifications you receive, kindly see the user guide on: How to Filter Email Messages in UP Mail - User Guide

To adjust your settings for receiving email notifications in the DRS, kindly see the user guide on:
How to Turn On or Off DRS Email Notifications.

For the steps on how to invalidate DRS tracking numbers, see this guide:
How to Invalidate Tracking Numbers in the DRS.

For the steps on how to generate new DRS tracking numbers, see the steps here:
How to Generate New Tracking Numbers in the DRS.

For more information, you can also watch this DRS Video Guide.
Document Routing System (DRS) Video Guide.