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How to Recover Your UP Mail Account Password (Self-service)


Before you can reset the password on your own, you must make sure to have done the following steps beforehand.

To recover your UP Mail password, make sure you have your mobile phone with you to assist you in the password reset and follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://mail.up.edu.ph

  2. Enter your email address: @up.edu.ph then click "Next.”

  3. Click "Forgot Password?"

  4. You will be prompted: "Enter the last password you remember using with this Google Account." Do not enter your last password. Instead, click "Try another way.""

  5. On the next page, input the mobile number registered for 2-Step Verification then click "Send.”

  6. On the next page, input the 6-digit Google verification you received via SMS then click "Next.”

  7. On the next page, enter the new password you are going to use two times then click "Next". It is best to create a strong password that is more than 15 characters long. (e.g. "oblation-sunflower-Sablay-blueBook")

After you have successfully followed these instructions, you may now log on to your UP Mail account using your new password.