Webinars for UP Staff for November 2021

The UP Information Technology Development Center’s Training Team, with the Office of the Vice President for Development (OVPD), will hold webinars for UP staff for November 2021, via the online platform Zoom. The details of the webinars are below.

Panel Discussion on Digital Currency VS Privacy (November 15, 8AM-9AM), will discuss the PROs and CONs on using digital currencies and its impact on our anonymity. Topics will be discussed in a Panel Discussion format, with an open forum for the attendees. .

UIS: HRIS Overview and UP Employee Self Service (November 15, 9AM-10AM), will cover the overview of HRIS that automates the HR processes and submissions. It will also discuss the requirements for accessing UIS and the available modules, as well as the features that can be used by all employees in the UP Employee Self Service. .

Webinars entitled “How to Produce, Manage, and Handle a Virtual Conference using Zoom” and “Basic Information Security” will be on November 16, 2021. “How to Produce, Manage, and Handle a Virtual Conference using Zoom” (November 16, 8AM-9AM), presents some tips and key components to be considered in the production, managing, and handling of an online conference via Zoom. This webinar may serve a guide to those transitioning their in-person conferences to online virtual events, and “Basic Information Security” (November 16, 9AM-10AM) gives instructions to the participants on the basic concepts of information security, some threats and how to deal with them, and best practices to avoid compromising information.

“Securing Your Home Network” and “Communication Tips while Working from Home” will be on November 17, 2021, from 9AM-10AM. “Securing Your Home Network” will show how to secure your home wireless network. It will be a guide for new users who do not usually configure their devices. While “Communication Tips while Working from Home” will discuss some basic advice on efficiently communicating in a work-from-home setup. This includes tips on writing clear and effective emails, and others.

The UIS: SAIS Overview and Self Service Modules Webinar covers the overview of the system including existing and new features/functions of SAIS. Additionally this will also discuss and highlight the self service modules that are being utilized by the SAIS CUs. “Introduction to UP Document Routing System (a Canvas Course)” is aimed to instruct participants on how to use the UP Document Routing System. Both webinars will be on November 18, 2021 from 9AM-10AM.

And lastly, “The Target Setting (IPCR) Employee and Supervisor through UIS” Webinar will tackle the workflow of employee and supervisor target setting for the upcoming SPMS (UP SPMS I 2022).

To register in any of the offered webinars, please go to https://itdc.up.edu.ph/services/staff-training.