What is UP DTS?

The UP Document Tracking System (DTS) is an online service that may be used by UP faculty and staff to track documents across the UP System. It tracks documents by setting a tracking no. for each document, and by creating a document trail which starts from the originating office followed by the offices which it has been passed to.

Who are allowed to use DTS?

DTS can be used by faculty and staff of UP offices whose @up.edu.ph accounts are registered in the system.

Our UP office would like to use DTS. How can we have our faculty and staff registered in the system?

The head of unit/office is to make make this request. The full names and UP Mail accounts of the personnel who will be using the DTS should be sent to [email protected]. All requests must be addressed to the ITDC Director, UP System. Please take note that only the head of unit/office is authorized to make the request.

Once we start using DTS, can we just upload the documents in the system and not send the actual documents to their corresponding UP offices?

No. The main purpose of DTS is only for tracking documents across UP offices. Uploading of document files in the system is optional and those files are not meant to replace hard copies of the documents.

Do we need to use barcode scanners to scan the tracking numbers on the documents?

You may use barcode scanners for a more convenient way of scanning tracking numbers on documents but they are not required for tracking a document in the system.

For more information, please watch this video tutorial.