[MEMO OVPA No. NGY 21-186] Verification of Names and UP Mail Addresses of REPS, Faculty and Administrative Staff

December 23

OCTOBER 2021  
[MEMO OVPAA 2021-142] Rollout of the UP Research Information Module (RIM) in the University Information System (UIS)

October 15

JULY 2021  
[AO NO. PDLC 21-37] Creation of the UP System Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Committee

July 12

APRIL 2021  
[MEMO TJH 2021-10] Reminder that Faculty and Students Must Use UP Mail for Official Correspondence and Data Privacy and Security Measures Required for Sending Attachments and Sharing

April 19

[MEMO TJH 2021-11] Reminder That Classes and Class Related Activities Must Be Conducted Using UPs Learning Personal Information Processors (PIP)

April 19

[MEMO TJH 2021-12] University of the Philippines (UP) Privacy Notice for Classes and Other Class-related Activites Conducted Via Video Conference Applications

April 19

MARCH 2021  
[MEMO TJH 2021-06] Implementation and Use of Work Management System (WMS)

March 5

[MEMO TJH 2018-34] Implementation and use of the University Information Systems

September 6

APRIL 2020  
[MEMO TJH 2020-19] Guidelines for Coordinated Info Management and IT-related efforts amid COVID-19 Pandemic

November 8

[Memo TJH 2019-07A] Organizational and Technological Security Measures for Data Privacy Act Compliance (UPDATED)

November 8