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UP ITDC admission exam passers for December 13

The University of the Philippines Information Technology Development Center (UP ITDC) is pleased to announce the passers of the UP ITDC Admission Exam held on 13 December 2014:

  • Samaniego, Donna Lynn
  • Manaid, Jamie Ailea Therese
  • del Rosario, Vittoria Maria
  • Ortiz, Antonio Carlos
  • Cano, Dave Wency
  • Chan, Trevor Xavier
  • Medina, Rod Samuel
  • Edovas, Erlynne
  • Ramos, Richard Brett Lawrence

Please call 436-2217 or 920-2080 and look for Ms. Arianne Gozon to register.

UP ITDC accepts straight cash payment or deferred payment through credit card or postdated checks.

Skill-Specific IT Training

Staff Augmentation

Youth for Information Technology

Applications Development



Consulting Services and Expertise

In line with the Center's goal to provide its students with industry-relevant skills, the UP ITDC seeks partnerships with industry and government agencies to validate the skills and trainings the Center offers and hence, maintain the highest standards of service. Such industry partnerships and government collaborations also aid the Center in the conduct of its researches on IT trends, innovations, and breakthroughs.

The UP ITDC lends its expertise and experience to its partners through programs such as Applications Development, Database Design, Systems Audit, IT Project Management, and Information Systems (IS) Planning to strengthen their IT capabilities and make them attuned to the demands of their business endeavors.

The UP ITDC is offering the following key consulting areas:

Medium and Long-Term IT Strategy/ Information Systems Planning
Software Systems and Applications Development
Skill-Specific IT Training
Systems Audit and Portfolio Management
Executive Information Systems
Database Design and Management
ISO Training/Re-certification
Network Design, Implementation, Management and Maintenance
Online Course Development
Staff Augmentation
Game Design and Development


Full-time Course

The full-time Certificate Programs run for two terms (approx. 9 weeks/term). Classes are held from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am–5:00 pm.
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Short Courses

UP ITDC offers a broad selection of short courses designed to provide participants a working set of IT skills that are responsive to the demands of their workplaces. These courses are modular, and the duration of each module may range from three days to two weeks, taken on a part-time basis.

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UP ITDC is also currently venturing into e-learning, as it endeavors to increase its reach, accessibility, and impact. As a first step toward this end, the UP ITDC uses a free and open-source Learning Management System (LMS) as a backbone to the online delivery of the Center's current courses and future offerings.

Customized Training

UP ITDC customizes its training modules according to the needs of its clients and partners. A wide range of topics can be delivered by the Center's subject matter experts, and clients may select their preferred course topics based on their training requirements. UP ITDC ensures only effective delivery of its training programs.

Training Schedule

The schedule for the various training programs of UP ITDC may be viewed here.



The UP System Information Technology Foundation, Inc. (UP SITF) acts as the resource generation arm of the UP ITDC, which includes, but is not limited to, human resource development, infrastructure and equipment, and research and development initiatives. It strengthens the Center’s industry partnerships and the establishment and management of a scholarship.

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Established in 2003, the Youth Congress on Information Technology (formerly known as the Philippine Youth Congress on Information Technology)—commonly known as Y4iT—is an annual information technology event in the Philippines, organized by the UP System Information Technology Foundation (UP SITF).

Aimed primarily at college students, professionals, educators, IT experts and enthusiasts, Y4iT is an enabling event for today's youth and aspires to recognize young Filipinos as key drivers in the dynamic IT industry. Since its launching, Y4iT has gone on to be at the forefront of information technology gathering events in the Philippines. Various relevant and exciting IT topics are presented and discussed. The event is co-organized by the Y4iT Volunteer Corps (YVC).

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On February 26, 2004, upon then UP President Francisco Nemenzo’s recommendation, the UP Board of Regents (BOR) approved the creation of the ITTC Program under the Office of the Vice-President for Development. The BOR appointed a Program Director for UP ITTC on July 22, 2004.

For its full-scale implementation, the University proposed a project for funding by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). This was dubbed as the Japan-Philippines Technical Cooperation Project on Philippine IT Human Resource Development (ITHRD), which was approved by JICA and started operation on July 20, 2004, for a term of four years (extended until 2009).

In the Record of Discussions signed by JICA and the University on July 9, 2004, the project’s purpose was stated as: to conduct high-level and practical IT training in cooperation with other universities and industries, and to match the needs of the industry.

In June 2005, the UP ITTC launched its one-year certificate course.

On August 31, 2009, the Center concluded its initial audit for certification to the ISO 9001:2008 International Standards with ABS Quality Evaluations. The Center became the first IT training center in the Philippines to be ISO 9001:2008 certified.

In 2012, the center was renamed as the University of the Philippines Information Technology Development Center (UP ITDC) upon approval of the UP Board of Regents. The renaming comes with expanded roles and functions with focus on IT training, IT faculty development, research, ICT consulting with University stakeholders and industry-academe collaboration, among others.

UP ITDC is a unit that operates under the Office of the Vice President for Development


  • Garry Pascua
  • Arianne Gozon
  • Anne Orogo
  • Abram Chua
  • Levi Lusterio


  • Ernesto N. Bercilla, Jr.
  • Cecille B. De Jesus
  • Noel Gratus P. Feria
  • Bertrand Alexander D. Paran
  • Brandito M. Quijano, Jr.
  • Noel Benedict C. Ramos
  • Don Fruto G. Teodorico
  • Jonalene L. Victorio
  • Gabrielle F. Villorente


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